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25 yrs

Many years ago we came to a decision to always focus on new technologies. We wanted to create a sustainable competitive advantage through innovation, not by following the crowd – from hardware, data centers and network infrastructure to software development. While we haven’t yet taken the world by storm, we’ve become the partner of choice for customers with higher-than-usual needs.

PRO-ZETA is a technology-oriented company founded in 1991 providing network HW distribution, infrastructure services, cloud and security solutions. The company headquarters and main operations are based in Prague including in-house software development team.

The company has two divisions that work closely together – hardware distribution and services.

Hardware distribution focuses on specialized products for IP service providers – data center acceleration services, network security, backbone and access technologies, optical components and data center equipment. PRO-ZETA represents top vendors including Arista Networks and Cisco Systems.

The Infrastructure Services division operates in 6 countries and 15 data centers in Central Europe and Asia. Our infrastructure services range from transport VPN / EoMPLS, colocation and IP service provisioning through service virtualization, HPC management up through full virtual service infrastructures, managed back-up and disaster recovery.

Using the synergies of both divisions, we have introduced PRO-ZETA Tier 5, virtual datacenter offering solutions and services in the cloud.

PRO-ZETA is able to supply comprehensive turnkey solutions that fit the requirements of our clients. Currently it has clients in thirty countries mainly across Europe plus branch office in Dubai UAE and representation in China and India.

Certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 we can provide our customers with best products, straight and easy-to-understand project development and deployment and will keep all internal data safe from your competitors.

Word of CEO

I’m proud to introduce PRO-ZETA and its fine team.

Many years ago we came to a decision to always focus on new technologies. We wanted to create a sustainable competitive advantage through innovation, not by following the crowd – from hardware, data centers and network infrastructure to software development. While we haven’t yet taken the world by storm, we’ve become the partner of choice for customers with higher-than-usual needs.

Our customers rely on us thanks to our unique expertise – hardware, software, support, in IT and broadcast, backbone networking and data centers. We can predict, commit and deliver as expected. Very little surprises us anymore.

These aren’t idle claims – it’s what we have proved with even the most complex projects in our 25 years of history. Even now we’ve decided to challenge the status quo in various fields – RFID, security, cloud management and infrastructure… We are breaking new barriers all the time – it’s what keeps us going.

I would like to invite you to work with us because we seek new challenges, new use cases, new ways to prove ourselves in more and more complicated scenarios, different verticals, your own breakthroughs in how to do business. We work with the latest technologies every day. We want to help you to do the same – not to make life difficult, but to blaze a path showing how easy and productive it can be. And most important, to help realize your business model and company decisions. And that’s what the challenging world of today requires – continuous improvement, constant reinvention, and helping each other out.

So I’m certain our team can show you a huge difference between resting on the laurels and capabilities of last generation’s technology – so called “old news” – and what can be done with breaking new ground. We don’t want technology that is “future proof” – we want technology that invents the future. We hope you’re comfortable with change and success as well.

jiri purs

Jiri Purs




Jiří Purš


Czech entrepreneur and investor in the field of IT technology since 1990. Founder of the first cable TV company (CATV) in then Czechoslovakia (1990).

Shortly after finishing college, he founded the Research Institute of Telecommunications A.S.Popova in Prague (1990), where he built the first private cable TV network in Czechoslovakia (CODIS), created the first radial CATV distribution for 862 MHz (Barrandov, Prague), and in 1992 he rolled out the first optical distribution system for cable television in Czechoslovakia (Modřany, Prague).

In 1991, he founded the Association of Cable TV Providers and Telecom Networks (APKT) (www.APKT.cz), where he’s been playing the lead role up to now. He’s worked for several foreign companies, and is a co-owner of several IT and telecommunications firms, including Quadruple, a virtual mobile GSM operator under Vodafone’s network in the Czech Republic ( www.quadruple.cz ).

He also acts as a manager for the Czech Federation of Fudokan Shotokan, is a vice president of the Czech Federation of Traditional Karate (ITKF), and at the same time he serves on the board of the World Fudokan Federation of Karate (WFF).

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Raj Naik

Purchasing Director

Raj is associated with PRO-ZETA for the past 6 years, he opened overseas markets and developed many new products and suppliers, currently he’s looking after Logistics and Purchases.

Raj has been working with SONY CORPORATION in India, Saudi-Arabia and UAE for over 13 years. He has also worked with TECHNOSAT Istanbul as CEO.

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David Čermák

Technical Director

David Čermák has been operating for 10 years as technical director at PRO-ZETA and significantly contributed to the success of company expansion to more than 20 countries worldwide.

David is an expert in Ethernet networking infrastructure, data centers and their security. In his more than 20 years of experience he is likely to be met with most of existing technology in the field of networks, data centers and running applications – from NetBIOS, IPX and Novell Netware to MPLS, NGN and construction of large-scale cloud services. He was co-founder of community networks CZFree.NET. David is a consultant for several operators and service providers in Europe and, if needed he is able to give even a module into the Linux kernel.

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Michal Němec

Security Director

Michal is an expert with more than 10 years of experience in cloud, infrastructure and content distribution services.

He served various positions in the field including Operations Director of Stream.cz, Operations Director at Uloz.to and SVP Online Services at Visual Unity. Michal is focused mainly on project and product management, operations, customer service and new business development.

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Jakub Kabourek

Sales Director

Jakub Kabourek is responsible for sales and marketing. His main tasks are PRO-ZETA business strategy definition and execution, account management and PR activities.

Before joining PRO-ZETA, Jakub worked as a CEO in company nangu.tv, middleware vendor of IPTV platform used for example by O2TV. He started his career as a sales manager in Czech Telecom, where he was responsible for media segment customers. During 2004, Jakub joined a company Visual Connection as a new sales director. His main task was to build sales department and company processes. During the time he has moved to a CEO position and finished successful mission by company exit, when Visual was sold to KIT digital in 2008. Jakub was important part of the team finishing great projects including Langweil model 3D digitalization, first czech iTunes like i-legálně.cz, Czech tv iVysílání.cz, NOVA TV VoD portal Voyo.cz, Topfun.cz, Czech radio and Prague ZOO Odhalení and building first Czech CDN NaCeVi in 2006.

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PRO-ZETA corporation founded.

Construction of telecommunications network for RWE and Süveda.

Consulting and advisory activity in the fields of cable TV and IT, APKT.

Beginning of business activities in the fields of SW development and data center services.

Creates TV and streaming division.

Construction of 4 television studios alongwith internet playout.

Delivering rich media distribution CDN for Stream.cz. Introduction of IPTV platform QuickMedia.

Becomes Cisco Systems partner.

Becomes Arista partner for 29 EMEA/CIS countries.

Granted 9001 and 27001 ISO certification.

Expansion of infrastructure to 6 countries and 17 data centers.

Launches Prozeta Virtual Datacenter.

Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program certified.

Thank you all for visiting our booth at Intersec 2017 in Dubai.

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