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PROZETA Virtual Datacenter is a secured multi-facility cloud service that simplifies customers’ access to advanced IT.

We enable Infrastructure-as-a-Service with the needed add-on features to support critical always-on and fast launch business services. Working closely with Mirantis, Cisco, HP, Stormshield and other partners, we offer one of the most innovative OpenStack-based cloud platforms on the market. Rethinking how customers want to utilize and access virtual services, we bring a clear vision of easy-to-understand yet extensive virtual platform with special focus on large enterprise customers, service providers and integrators. We begin with hardened OpenStack, high-performance storage and network, true high availability, plus various PaaS/SaaS modules, and then extend the product functionality to customized interface control of all available features.

Utilizing our global network of data centers and Tier-1 bandwidth partners, we can deliver platform functionality in more than 100 countries. Or you can get the on-premise platform in your data center with the same service levels and assurance as running in the cloud. Our team of experts can provide a fluid migration path for your existing workload, along with needed professional services to exploit the possibilities of true cloud computing.

Customer benefits

Reduce your costs

No hardware investment – convert IT facilities to ongoing operational expenses (OPEX). We guarantee you reduced costs for your existing infrastructure and IT operations.

Flexible & robust infrastructure

Get capacity when and where you need it and let our team take care of the details.

IT outsourcing

Put us in charge of your virtual infrastructure and we’ll make sure it works. Get a dedicated team that performs like part of your company.

Control your IT spend

Split your costs across teams, projects, facilities and clients. See instantly where your IT spending goes - from a bird’s eye view down to the fine details.

Custom fit

One solution can’t suit all needs all the time. Let us help you tailor a cloud solution that evolves with your current & future business requirements.

Zero Downtime Planning

Reduce your risks - don’t tolerate outages and down time. Our “Always On” infrastructure means true high availability, tight SLAs, and service levels needed for demanding 24x7 business.

Security you can count on

Secure data centers, network & personal security, 2-factor authentication, ISO 27001 certification - we take the steps to keep your data safe.

Fastest time to market

Virtual Datacenter supports creativity and execution of your ideas. Don’t let equipment and datacenter operations stand in your way - use our virtual facilities to be the first out of the gate.

No surprises

Based on pure OpenStack with no vendor lock-in, supported by Mirantis, the largest global OpenStack-only provider.

Technology Partners

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